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The company AVSN d.o.o. deals with engineering of hotel TV, Wifi, IP and optical GPON TK systems

and the sales of professional electronic equipment and devices for the tourism sector.

AVSN d.o.o. among the winners of the prestigious awards SZS - Creators for centuries

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The company AVSN d.o.o. employs a team of professionals with a high level of technical knowledge, gained trough out many trainings and years of field experience. The numerous projects deployed are developed from concept to completition and mantenance. They have confirmed the believe that philosphy “one solution for all customers”, promoted by most of our competitiors is wrong. In accordance with our business principles that guarantee a personalised approach and a search of the most appropriate solution toegother with the customer, our customers are served not only with the technical equipement, but allso training and support.


The company AVSN d.o.o. has since its beginings been associated with supply of proffesional quality services, its customers trust and a superb cooperation with its business partners. Most of our customers have so far understood that buying cheap is expensive in the long term, while buying quality pays. The value we believe in is a long-term and open attitude with our customers, founded on mutual trust and common growth. Our team realises the most important factor is to comprehend our custromers actual needs and understanding their desires and excpectations. By constructive cooperation with our suppliers and business partners we have been allowed to relay the real market needs into high-end proffesional products and quality services. We follow the believe that mutual efforts bring succes to both, customer and us.


By following, improoving and adding functionallities to the fast evolving technological solutions we will keep adding new value and application to our products. By insvesting in knowledge and education of our employees, superbe quality products and good cooperation with our busienss partners we will achieve a growing reputation on our target market. The goodwill of our company will become a synonime of proffesionallity and quality in the field of hotel TV systems. Our goal is to become the market leader in the South European region.

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